Guide To The Right Duvet Covers

Sleep is one of the most important essentials for wellbeing and getting enough sleep is something that we all need every nights.

Duvet covers comes in all sizes and it can be dotting at time as to which one to choose that will make perfect fits for you and your needs.

Single Duvets

These are designed for single beds and can only accommodate one person
Size: 135 x 200cm and usually comes with 1 standard pillowcase.

Double Duvets

This can accommodate two sleepers comfortably

Size: 200 x 200cm and will comes with 2 standard pillowcases

King Size Duvets

These are designed to accommodate two sleeps on a King size bed.

Size: 230 x 220cm and usually comes with two pillowcases

Superking Size Duvets

Superking Size duvet is the largest in the market designed for king and double beds

Size: 260 x 220cm and usually comes with two standard pillowcases.

Choose the right duvet for you;

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